September| 2017




 I have a brand new book of rhythm and hand separation etúdes and exercises that's just gotten back from the press! Direct purchase and download from this site should be up and running very soon. If you simply can't wait - just shoot me an email via the contact page and I'll ship a copy directly to you!

  This book is intendedas a guide to help integrate rhythm focus and hand separation into your daily harp practice.  Each chapter can be built upon using your own experience and imagination to custom-create a routine that will help strengthen the rhythmic core, increase dexterity and encourage the full utilization of both hands on the instrument.

 After spending a lovely five weeks of music making and hot toddy-drinking in Ireland,  I'm ready and happy to be back home in Brooklyn. I've just started work on an exciting new commission for string quartet and harp, to be debuted at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival next March and featuring the wonderful Mr Macfall's chamber (of whom I've been a big fan since seeing them at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh as a child). It's a thrill to be able to work with them and have them bring this new piece to life.

If that seems a bit too far away, consider hopping on a plane down to Florida in October to catch Nic Gareiss and I with STRINGS! We'll be collaborating with members of the Orlando Philharmonic for a one-off concert on October 11th and I can't wait!

 After that I'm headed to Monticello IL with Viktor Krauss and band for a show featuring the music from our recently released album Vignette. We'll be playing in Monticello and back in Viktor's home-town of Nashville. Getting to plug in and groove out with Viktor is such a treat and I hope to see some of you along the way.

That's all for now. Keep in touch and thanks for reading.

   Bestest, Maeve x


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