February | 2017

Happy Valentines day everybody!

 Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend - Martin Luther King, Jr.

   Goodness knows, we need all the love we can get right now. Love of our planet, love of diversity, love of our arts, and most of all, love of each other. I've been so inspired these last few weeks seeing my Brooklyn community tirelessly campaign, resist and react to some of the cruel and exclusionary executive orders and cabinet nominations going down in Washington, that don't at all reflect our values or vision for this great country. In my primarily Pakistani and Bangladeshi neighborhood of Brooklyn, I feel the benefits of living in a multicultural society on a daily basis. In the food I eat, in the cultural nuances that I am exposed to, in the great friendships I've made based on neighborly values and common decency. I can't imagine a world without it.

  This month I'm knuckling down and learning my part for the concerto that I've spent the last year writing with my co-composer, Luke Benton. This has been an incredibly exciting project and the work will be premiered on March 18th with the Western Piedmont orchestra in NC.

 Before that, I'll be playing what's turned into an annual outing for me and my dear friend, Nir Felder. We'll be creating a dream-scape of sorts at the Rockwood Music Hall, stage 3 on Sun February 26th. It's my only NYC show of the month and if you've not heard Nir play the guitar, you're in for a treat.

February 19th will be our next HARP TALK meeting. My monthly harp workshop/discussion will continue at 4pm eastern and this time we'll be focusing on How to Practice. How to maximize use of your time and use sections of arranged pieces as vehicles to strengthening your general musicianship. We'll be using the piece, 'hospitality of Jane' as a vehicle for this session - but don't worry - if you don't have time to work on it prior to the workshop you'll still be welcome to join and discuss.

On Feb 21st I'll be taking part in a benefit concert at La Poisson Rouge in Manhattan called 'The banned seven'. A benefit concert featuring music and artists from Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Come support our fellow musicians and global community on this connective night of music making.

My other very exciting news is that my new album with the incredible Viktor Krauss is coming out very soon with a release date of April 21st! This has been a dream collaboration with one of my musical heros and the result is a breath-filled album with a focus on tone and richly textural, cinematic sound-scapes. The album will be released on Adventure music records.

Upcoming events:
Feb 19th: HARP TALK | 4pm eastern | Tune in HERE
Feb 21st: The Banned Seven benefit concert | La Poisson     Rouge, NYC| Tickets HERE
Feb 26th: Maeve Gilchrist and Nir Felder duo | Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 | Tickets HERE
March 18th: Premier of harp concerto 'In Pursuit' with the Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra in Hickory NC |
Tickets HERE


That's all for now. Keep in touch and thanks for reading.

   Bestest, Maeve x


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