Maeve Gilchrist and Viktor Krauss: VIgnette (Adventure Music Records)

This first time collaboration between Nashville legend, Viktor Krauss and Maeve Gilchrist weaves a spell in music that is both intimate and cinematic. Some subtle electronic augmentation lends a sharply modern edge to this groove-based soundscape of a record while the duo bass/harp interaction satisfies the acoustic ear with some high quality musical interaction and imaginative improvisation. The Midwestern review writes:

Playing off each other intuitively and seamlessly, these two masters of the crafts weave such a spell you can easily forget where you are and what you are doing. Smashing.

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Maeve Gilchrist: The Ostinato Project (self-released)

Virtuoso playing and delicate soundscapes. The Ostinato Project originated as a concept for Gilchrist's first solo harp album, a recording intended to explore and celebrate the harp. The work is made up of several compositions and the occasional cover focusing on separating the voices of the harp and utilizing both of the harpist’s hands fully in order to create texture, color, and beauty.

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Maeve Gilchrist: 20 Chandler St. (Adventure Music Records)

"If there’s a soundtrack to a fine summer, this is it. If there’s a musician who can bask in tradition yet immerse herself musically in the multicoloured experience of life, it’s Gilchrist." - Siobhan Long, Irish Times

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Tony Trischka: Big Wide World (Rounder Records)

Mike Barnett: One Song Romance

Jenna Moynihan: Woven

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